HMH001 – Nothing Sacred (Australia) ‘Deathwish’ 12″ picture mlp August 2015 (sold out)
HMH002 – Teuton (Australia) ‘Full On Power’ 7″ November 2015 with Heavy Chains Records (sold out)
HMH003 – Road Warrior (Australia) ‘Ignition’ tape June 2016 with Heavy Chains Records (first press sold out, second press sold out)
HMH004 – Hemisferio (Chile) ‘Hasta Encontrarte/Entre Tierra y Luna’ 7″ July 2016 with Heavy Chains Records (sold out)
HMH005 – Sons Of Iniquity (Greece) ‘Hang Em High/‘Till We Meet Again’ 7″ March 2017 with Heavy Chains Records (sold out)
HMH006 – Convent Guilt (Australia) ‘Convent Guilt’ 12″ mlp May 2017
HMH007  – Xandril (Germany) ‘The Vision of Rotting Darkness: The Demos 1985-1988’ DLP June 2018 (sold out)
HMH008 – Xandril (Germany) ‘Demo I ’83’ 7″ June 2018
HMH009 – Xandril (Germany) ‘Demo II ’83’ 7″ June 2018
HMH010 – Demon’s Gate – World of the Dream / Follow the Tempest 12″ ep November 2018
HMH011 – Vultures Vengeance – Lyrids: Warning from the Reign of the Untold 7″ November 2018

Armoured Angel (Australia) ‘Communion’ July 2015 (sold out)
Cybotron (Australia) logo July 2015
Wyzard (USA) logo September 2015
Acero Letal (Chile) ‘Duro Metal’ October 2015 (sold out)
Teuton (Australia) ‘Full On Power’ November 2015 (sold out)
Prophecy (Denmark) ‘Coming Of The Prophet’ January 2016
Prophecy (Denmark) ‘Whom Gods Destroy’ January 2016
Vultures Vengeance (Italy) logo February 2016
Rapid Tears (Canada) March 2016
Torpedo (Australia) logo June 2016
Iniquity (Greece) demo June 2016
Asphodelus (Finland) June 2016 (sold out)
Xandril (Germany) June 2018