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Glory Anthem – Death or Glory 12″ mlp
Vinyl release of the 1987 demo.

Previously going by the name Breathless (probably best known for their appearance on the 1986 compilation ‘Metal Hour – Metal Tracks No.3’), Glory Anthem created a four song demo of German speed/heavy metal.

With seven minute songs and more complex arrangements than was typical for the genre at that time, combined with an equally unusual vocal style (perhaps more akin to goth rock or the anguished vocals on Celtic Frost’s ‘Into The Pandemonium’), ‘Death or Glory’ stands out among and above many of the more well known bands of the era.

This almost lost gem of German metal history is now presented on vinyl for the first time, restored from the band’s only remaining tape and mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony.

Four songs! One intro! Thirty minutes of raw and passionate German heavy metal power!

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